Thursday, December 5, 2013

Service Challenge of the Month - DECEMBER

A NEW month, means a NEW service challenge! 

I love this Christmas season! The spirit of giving and service fills the air! I feel like everyone is a little bit more mindful of those in need and has the urge to help others! 

Have you ever wanted to serve someone, but just couldn't find the person who needed you? Have you ever seen someone you wanted to serve, but maybe you weren't prepared at the time to do anything for them? Just the other day I was at Wal-Mart and a young man with his wife and 2 children were on the corner with a sign asking for help. I didn't have any cash or extra water/food in my car, so I continued driving. I was sad. Something inside me told me they really could have used help this Christmas season. 

This month's service challenge is about being prepared! Together, we are going to be ready for the person that needs US! We are going to be waiting for that someone to come into our lives, that we will be able to serve! 

Our Service Challenge for December is called, "THE BLESSING BAG." 
It is easy and simple. It doesn't cost too much and is perfect for this time of year! 

For Thanksgiving, my family put 40 "Blessing Bags" together and we delivered them to people around Las Vegas who do not have homes. I was so humbled by this experience! When we pulled on to a specific street, the people flocked to us. They needed us! They needed our help and knew that we were there to bring them gifts. My heart filled with joy as we handed each bag personally to an individual. "Thank you" and "God bless you" were repeated over and over. As we drove away, I wanted to make 200 more blessing bags! There are SO many people in this world that don't have ANYTHING. Now is the time we can help them! 

 Here is how it works: 

What is a Blessing Bag?
A Blessing Bag is a special gift. It is filled with treats, kleenex, hand wipes, cough drops and other items for those in need. 

How  do you put a Blessing Bag together?
Grab a gallon sized zip-lock bag and fill it with items that you think someone in need would like. Here is a list of the items that we put into ours: 
- Kleenex
- Suckers
- Granola Bars
- Gum
- Flavored Drink Packet
- Raisens
- Jolly Ranchers
- Cough Drops
- Fruit Snacks
- Applesauce
- Fruit Cups
- A spoon
- Snickers 
- Crackers 
- Wet wipes 
- A picture of Christ 

We made so many we had a whole assembly line packing the bags! It was perfect and such a fun family activity! 

Once your bag is put together, print off this label and tape it onto the bag! Your bag is ready to go!

What do you do with your Blessing Bag? 
Put it in your car and keep it in there while you are out Christmas shopping the next few weeks. When you see someone asking for food or help on the corner, you will be prepared! Give it to them! You will have your blessing bag on hand to bless their lives. 

Make one Blessing Bag and keep it in your car! (Of course you can make more than one if you would like) Post a picture on Facebook and Instagram and tag Today's The Best Day or @todaysthebestday1 so we can see that you have completed the December Service Challenge! Once you give it away, if you would like to share your story, email it to

I know that if we are prepared and keep a prayer in our heart to find someone who needs a blessing bag this month, we will be put in their path. We will find someone who needs US... and we will be ready to make their Christmas Season the very BEST!

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